Bunkie Rules

No Smoking in Bunkies


We do not allow for smoking or vaping within any bunkie at any time.

  1. Smoking is permitted on your outside deck only.
  2. Smoking is not allowed while walking off the bunkie site due to fire related issues and the comfort of other users.
  3. This applies to all forms and substances you may indulge in.


Smoking in the bunkie will incur a cleaning cost of $150.00


We all love camp fires. But we need to keep them safe.

  1.  Wood can be gathered from the farm, this wood though can not be taken from standing trees.
  2. Only pieces of wood that fit in the fire pit are acceptable, if they do not fit they can not be used in the firepit.
  3. No saws are allowed on the property to cut wood. Gathering means small wood generally found on the farm to get your fire started.
  4. We offer firewood for sale. 
  5. Local fire restrictions state that fires for cooking food are the only acceptable use when fire restrictions are in force.



Drinking while on our property

  1. Drinking of alcohol is permitted on site only. 
  2. No excessive noise from our guests are allowed.  This includes music, loud voices etc
  3. Glass bottles are allowed,  but they are to remain on your site only.
  4. Must be legal age for drinking
  5. We do not condone or allow people to drive from our place while intoxicated from any substance, Police will be called.
  6. Must maintain a proper decorum with other guests you may interact with.
We want everyone to have fun, to enjoy their time off and our property.  We will act accordingly to people who break the rules and bother other guests.  You will be asked to leave if you violate our rules and no refunds will be given.